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作者EarlEco在GossipingDisp 提到 .A military exercise in Taiwan simulates an invasion by China on Jan. 6, 2022.I-Hwa Cheng/Bloomberg/Getty Images‘I only shot 40 rounds’But former conscripts are skeptical, telling CNN the problems with mandatorymilitary service go beyond the short time frame and will only fixed by amore thorough revamp.Tsai herself has acknowledged that many citizens feel serving in the militaryis “just a waste of time.”“In our company, we had more than 100 assault rifles, but only slightly morethan a dozen could used for shooting practices,” said Frank Liu, a26-year-old auditor from the central Changhua county who served in 2021. Hesaid about 140 conscripts received training in his company.“A lot of those assault rifles were made many decades ago, and many were tooworn out to be used in training. The weapons had to be rotated amongourselves.”Paul Lee, a factory manager from Taipei who served in 2018, had a similarexperience.“We didn’t fire many rounds during the military training,” Lee said. “Iwas practicing with the T65 assault rifle, and I only shot about 40 roundsduring the entire training period.“I’m concerned that many people who underwent the training with me won’teven be able to operate a rifle with confidence.”Reservists take part in military training at a base in Taoyuan, Taiwan, onMarch 12, 2022.Reservists take part in military training at a base in Taoyuan, Taiwan, onMarch 12, 2022.Sam Yeh/AFP/Getty ImagesUnder the current rules, the four-month service period is normally dividedinto two parts: five weeks of basic training, and 11 weeks of ground trainingat a military base.During the ground training period, conscripts are often assigned specialties– but even then some say they receive only the most cursory of insights.Dennis, a 25-year-old engineer from Taichung city who served last year, saidwhile was assigned to specialize in cannons, never learned how to firethem because trainers were worried the recruits might get hurt. He asked onlyto be identified by his first name because he remains a reservist.“We were assigned simple tasks, and we spent most of the time helping withcleaning and washing the cannon carts,” he said. “If war breaks out todayand I am told to work as an artilleryman, I think I will just become cannonfodder.”FUJIAN, CHINA – AUGUST 24, 2022 – The PLA Navy and the PLA Army conduct across-day and all-factor live-fire red-blue confrontation drill in ZhangzhouCity, Fujian Province, China, Aug 24, 2022. (Photo credit should readCFOTO/Future Publishing via Getty Images)War game suggests Chinese invasion of Taiwan would fail at a huge cost to US,Chinese and Taiwanese militariesAdam Yu, a 27-year-old designer from the northern Keelung city who served in2018 and specialized in mortars and grenade launchers, said while he had beenshown how to prepare the weapons, he had never been given any ammunition orpracticed firing them.“I’m not sure if I can even operate those weapons,” said Yu, adding, “Istill don’t know how those weapons are supposed to be used in thebattlefield.”That sentiment was echoed by another former conscript surnamed Liu. The28-year-old salesman specialized in data processing with the air force andreceived training in the southern Pingtung county in 2015. He too asked forhis first name to be withheld, saying he may still be called upon foradditional reservist training.“Our commanders barely taught anything during our ground training, becausethey felt we would only be here for a few months and it wouldn’t make muchof a difference for them,” he said.New recruits practice with bayonets at a military training center in HsinchuCounty, northern Taiwan on April 22, 2013.New recruits practice with bayonets at a military training center in HsinchuCounty, northern Taiwan on April 22, 2013.Chiang Ying-ying/APBayonets?Taiwan has a professional volunteer military force that as of last year wasmade up of 162,000 full-time troops, according to a report by the LegislativeYuan. On top of this, an estimated 70,000 men complete a period of mandatorymilitary service every year.Conscripts must undergo a period of physical training and are taught to shootrifles and use bayonets.Several of those who spoke to CNN questioned the amount of time spent onbayonet training, arguing it was outdated, although some militaries continueto teach it in recruitment training programs.“I think bayonet training was just a waste of time, because I really couldn’t think how we could put that into practice,” Frank Liu said.“Just look at the Russia-Ukraine war, there are so many types of weaponsused. When does a soldier ever have to resort to a bayonet to attack theirenemy? I think that was really outdated.”Yu, from Keelung, said his commanders had put huge emphasis on bayonettraining because it made up part of the end-of-term examination.“We were ordered to memorize a series of slogans,” he said. “When we werepracticing bayonet, we were required to follow the instructions of the squadleader with a specific chant for each movement, and we had to repeat it inthe exam.”Lesson learned?Some of these criticisms were acknowledged, tacitly or otherwise, when Tsaiannounced the lengthening of the conscription period and in the subsequentnews briefing by the Defense Ministry in early January.The ministry said that when the new policy begins in 2024, all conscriptswill shoot at least 800 rounds during their service, and they will be trainedwith new weapons such as anti-tank missiles and drones. Bayonet training willbe modified to include other forms of close combat training, it added, andconscripts may also participate in joint military drills with professionalsoldiers. Meanwhile, basic training will rise from five to eight weeks.Su Tzu-yun, a director of Taiwan’s Institute for National Defense andSecurity Research, which is funded by the government, said he is confidentthe reform will boost the island’s combat capabilities.He also thinks there is value in keeping bayonet training in the curriculum.“It helps boost a soldier’s courage and aggressiveness,” he said. “Ifsoldiers engage in a mission that is not suitable for firing weapons, theymay also use bayonet as an alternative option.”A CH-147F Chinook takes part in drills to show combat readiness ahead of theLunar New Year holidays at a military base in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, on January11.A CH-147F Chinook takes part in drills to show combat readiness ahead of theLunar New Year holidays at a military base in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, on January11.Annabelle Chih/Getty ImagesSu added that while modern weapons will be included in the new trainingcurriculum, it would be impractical for every soldier to practice firing thembecause this would simply be too costly.“In the US, the training of Javelin [anti-tank missiles] is conductedthrough simulation, because each missile costs $70,000 and it is not possiblefor everyone to fire them,” he said. “Usually, the whole unit finishes thesimulation, then the commander will pick a few soldiers to practice firing it.”Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said in a statement to CNN that it has invitedexperts to numerous academic seminars on reforming the conscription system,and that it accepted many of their suggestions to boost training intensity.Doubts remainEven so, not everyone’s convinced.“I don’t think the lengthening of service alone will lead to betternational defense,” said Lin Ying-yu, an assistant professor at TamkangUniversity’s Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies.He said the “more important questions” involved clarifying in detail thetype of training new conscripts would receive.And on this point, the former conscripts who spoke to CNN remain skeptical.“When I saw they wanted to add drones to the training, my question was –are we going to have one drone per person and multiple chances to practiceflying it?” Yu said.“If they stick to their old way of teaching, they will just tell us tofollow their instructions and memorize its weight and flight distance, and wewill not be able to operate it.”KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN – JANUARY 11: Taiwan's armed forces hold two days ofroutine drills to show combat readiness ahead of Lunar New Year holidays at amilitary base on January 11, 2023 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The self-ruled islandof Taiwan continues to hold defensive drills, as tensions remain high in theTaiwan straits. (Photo by Annabelle Chih/Getty Images)Taiwan to allow women into military reserve force training as China fears growThe fear for conscripts is that the new form of mandatory service might endup looking pretty much like the old form, only longer.“During my service, most of the time we were just asked to perform tedioustasks like moving weapons around to show our commanders, and we spent a lotof time waiting,” said Dennis, the engineer.It remains to be seen if conscripts’ time will be spent more fruitfully whenthe new rules come in next year, but all sides agree the stakes are high.“Active citizens are the foundation and the bedrock of our will to resist,”said Enoch Wu, founder of the civil defense think tank Forward Alliance and amember of Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party.“If the public decides our home is not worth fighting for – or that we don’t stand a chance – then you can have the most professional military and itwill still be too little too late.”5.完整新聞連結 (或短網址)不可用YAHOO、LINE、MSN等轉載媒體:https://news.ltn.com.tw/news/politics/breakingnews/4191145CNN揭台灣部隊「過時刺槍術」等問題 民眾憂上戰場恐變砲灰 – – 自由時報電子報我國為因應台海局勢升溫,恢復義務役一年役期並強化各項準備,備戰狀況也成為關注焦點。《CNN》就此訪問台灣義務役退役民眾,坦言依照他們在軍中訓練情的情況,在戰場上可能會變成砲灰。《CNN》報導,受訪的6位退役民眾指出,這種包含刺槍術的訓練是為數十年前的環境所設計,且缺乏城市戰戰術和無人機等 …https://edition.cnn.com/2023/01/20/asia/taiwan-mandatory-military-service-conscription-intl-hnk-dst/index.html6.備註:古早以前有白團,教我們「氣力體一致」、拔草測風向,將槍置於上風一臂可及之處,脫盔欺敵,左欺敵, 右欺敵,欺敵欺敵再欺。請問國防部的超級大大大學長、北極星超級大大大學長,同T、學弟妹,如果目測,前方200公尺有可殺傷人員之自殺引信無人機,這個時候通知鄰兵接敵,開始左線預備右線預備,射擊!!但是都未命中目標。這個候再拿出我大中華民國的「氣力體一致」、拔草測風向,將槍置於上風一臂可及之處,脫盔欺敵,左欺敵,右欺敵,欺敵欺敵再欺。我們真的可以擊落無人機嗎??還是像某東歐大國的大兵先用吃奶的力氣,全部裝備脫掉,三十六計走為上策,先逃到打不到的地方,等無人機走了,再退下去。謝謝指教!!!而網友們則回覆了噓 CNN是哪來的中共共鳴者
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